Welcome to Bartley Corp: Your Trusted Partner for Concrete Construction in Baltimore, Maryland

Bartley Corp is more than just a construction company — we’re a partnership made up of families dedicated to strengthening the world around us with optimized foundation construction. We bring more than 50 years of experience to the table, giving us the expertise to craft and mold the miracle of concrete into safer and more robust foundations than anything built by other companies. If you need additional reasons why we’re the leading commercial concrete contractors in Baltimore, here are 10 more:

  1. Our People: Everyone who works for us is part of the One Bartley Family. This means they put their hearts into everything we do and take great pride in the mutual accomplishments we share with our customers. We’re dedicated to delivering the best possible results in everything we do.
  2. Experience: Because we have more than five decades of experience in the industry, we know more about satisfying customers and building strong teams than just about any other commercial concrete company. Many of our team members have been working with us for more than a decade, which speaks to the stability and expertise you’ll find in our organization. Beyond our core focus on concrete, our commitment extends seamlessly into the meticulous realm of property management, ensuring a comprehensive approach to our endeavors.
  3. Responsive Communication: When you choose to work with us, we provide you with a primary contact who is an estimator and a project manager. Thanks to our centralized office, you’ll always be able to reach a real person who can answer your questions and provide you with the solutions you need.
  4. Attention to Detail: We’re always working hard to ensure the success of your project. This includes paying close attention to the plans and creating CAD drawings to help us find potential layout errors before they can create issues on the jobsite. These drawings are converted to Total Station Layout files to ensure complete accuracy.
  5. Flexible to Meet Your Needs: We have a team of more than 180 employees, meaning that no job is too big or too small for our industrial concrete company to handle. Our experience and capacity mean we can take on jobs of all sizes and complexities and tailor our services to meet your exact needs.
  6. Priceless Value: We specialize in commercial and residential concrete foundations and offer highly competitive pricing, especially when compared to other contractors who may not provide the same high levels of service.
  7. Efficient: Efficiency is one of our defining qualities. We achieve this through the use of labor-saving equipment such as stone placement equipment, concrete form delivery trucks and Total Station Layout technology. By expediting projects in this manner, we can reduce the amount of time spent on projects while maintaining the same level of quality.
  8. Superior Materials and Workmanship: We always use the highest-quality materials and the most skilled craftsmanship. For example, our concrete wall mix contains a water reducer that enhances wall performance and provides greater strength when compared to our competitors. By working with the best material suppliers in the industry, we can ensure excellence.
  9. Difficult Work: We’re excited to take on challenging projects, especially those other contractors are too afraid to touch. In fact, our competitors often refer projects to us because they know our expertise and capabilities give us the edge.
  10. Handle All Phases: We’re your complete foundation contractor. We manage every aspect of the work, from demolition to excavation to waterproofing and concrete slab construction. This full-service approach saves you time, minimizes conflicts and ensures the best results.

Concrete Construction With Bartley Corp: Building Excellence, One Foundation at a Time

Partnering with us for waterproofing and commercial concrete services in Baltimore ensures a commitment to quality, experience, and complete customer satisfaction. Our dedication to excellence and delivering the best results sets us apart. From Guilford to Homeland, Mount Washington to Roland Park, and Ruxton to the various footings, walls, and waterproofing needs of your construction project, we serve as your reliable partner for comprehensive concrete solutions. Get in touch with us today and experience the Bartley difference.

Weather Challenges and Concrete Construction

As experienced industrial concrete contractors, we know how the local climate can impact construction. From the record high of 107 degrees Fahrenheit in 1936 to the record low of minus 7 F in 1984, Baltimore has experienced a wide range of weather conditions. We have the expertise and skill to deliver your project successfully no matter what the seasons bring.

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