Value #1 One Bartley Family

  • People matter most
    • Consider how our actions affect others
    • We enjoy our work and our co-workers
  • We are stronger together
    • We help each other advance by training our replacement
    • We work as a team

Value #2 Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

(also known as the Golden rule from the Bible Matthew Chapter 7)

  • We are fair and honest
    • 360 degrees of fairness and honesty
    • All our communication is truthful
  • We are respectful
    • We treat all with respect
    • We treat property as we would our own

Value #3 Bringing Solutions

  • Pre-build it right, then build it on site
    • We hit the ground running
    • We solve problems before they happen
  • We optimize
    • We continually improve our processes
    • We look for innovations that help us and bring success
    • We share best practices
  • We don’t complain
    • We convert complaints into ideas and solutions
    • We inquire instead of gossip


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