Excavation, Demo & Site Work

The Bartley Corporation complements its foundation division with a full service excavation division. All equipment is available by the hour or contract.

  • Basements
  • Clearing
  • Demolition
  • Footings
  • Dry Wells
  • Grading
  • Sediment Control
  • Site Work



How to Minimize Excavation Callbacks and Headaches

You’re ready to start footings when your concrete contractor discovers the hole is not excavated right. This happens too often and is costly and time consuming.

How do you minimize the problems? We have come up with a list of things to consider when selecting an excavation contractor.

  1. People: You always are looking for trustworthy contractors who will get the job right the first time. How would your excavation contractor handle a mishap? It is the people that make up the company that makes the difference.
  2. Years of Experience: Inquire to find out how much experience the contractor has excavating the specific type of foundation that is planned.
  3. Quality & Expertise: Figure out if they understand grades and the purpose of the excavation. The purpose is to provide a site that is ready for the concrete contractor to start immediately. Too often holes are dug incorrectly and a call back is required pushing out the start of the footing for days.
  4. Competitive Cost: This is not number one? Without the whole package (people, expertise etc.), the lowest price may cost the most. Time, money, conflicts and babysitting drive up cost.
  5. Minimize the number of trades: Finding a contractor that can do as many steps in the home building process as possible is to your advantage. There are less people to talk to and contractors that provide a turnkey solution improve efficiency and lower the number of phone calls and meetings.
  6. No builder layout: You should not have to be the person checking the grades. It is a headache for you and a competent excavation and concrete contractor should be doing this. We at Bartley use a total station layout for our footings.

Wouldn’t you be better off picking a contractor like Bartley that does the excavation, concrete work, and waterproofing? We get you ready from the plate down. By choosing Bartley for excavation/demolition and concrete, these problems can be avoided. There are fewer conflicts, fewer extras, less trades, and no need to babysit the job, which is done right the first time. Bartley’s Excavation team works for the people who use it, the concrete contractor.

Here is what you get with Bartley:

  • Total Station Layout
  • On site supervision
  • OSHA safe banks
  • Excavation/elevation check
  • Staging area set
  • People you can trust
  • 40 years of expertise
  • One contractor for all your needs
  • Excellent pricing

Is Bartley bidding your residential excavation work? If not, give us a call so we can do all your work from the excavation to the waterproofing.



Most of our customers have us handle all of their Foundation work:

Complete Foundation Package

Excavation / Demolition
Walls / Insulated Concrete Walls
Waterproofing & Drain tile

We start with the excavation and the outcome is a job site ready for the carpenters. One project manager is assigned to your job which improves the efficiency and accuracy of the work while providing a single point of contact.

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