Bartley Corp is the most experienced and professional choice for basement and commercial foundation waterproofing in Baltimore, Maryland. Founded in 1970, we have more than five decades of service under our belts. We’re proud to be the area’s top choice for new build basement waterproofing, industrial concrete waterproofing and other concrete foundation services.

The Most Reputable Waterproofing Team in Baltimore 

Baltimore’s four distinct seasons are part of what draws many residents and visitors to the area. However, the area’s cold winters, humid summers and rainy seasons in between make new construction foundation waterproofing essential. At Bartley Corp, we’re local to Baltimore, and our specialists understand the challenges that come with the region’s unique subtropical climate. We specialize in residential and commercial basement waterproofing, providing effective solutions for your home or business.

Waterproofing Solutions for All Settings 

Bartley Corp is a basement waterproofing company specializing in commercial and industrial projects. Our experts do far more than protect the foundation of your business from harmful moisture. We create complex waterproofing systems that defend against moisture, improve drainage and insulate.

Our team of highly trained waterproofing professionals takes pride in performing every job to perfection. Long-term warranty protection is just one more way we stand behind our work.

Protecting Your Investment With Commercial Foundation Waterproofing

Your business is your bread and butter, and a quality foundation is essential to ensuring its longevity. Bartley Corp specializes in commercial foundation waterproofing to protect your building from Baltimore’s relentless elements. Our basement waterproofing service extends from new construction projects to existing structures that need a superior moisture shield.

Industrial Concrete Waterproofing Service

Safety is the highest priority in an office building or industrial center. A weak building foundation is unacceptable for companies of all sizes. Our Bartley Corp waterproofing mechanics specialize in waterproofing foundations in industrial settings. We’ll protect your building’s foundation for optimal resilience that easily endures years of rain, snow, sleet, humidity and other moisture sources.

State-of-the-Art Waterproofing Techniques

Bartley Corp is known for its expertise in Baltimore basement waterproofing. Our team members combine years of experience with the most innovative techniques to protect commercial and industrial building foundations. Crack injection, horizontal waterproofing and blindside waterproofing are just a few methods we use to shield foundations from moisture.

Here’s a rundown of our waterproofing techniques:

  • Drain Tile: Drain tile solutions channel water away from the building’s foundation. It’s one method we use to prevent moisture from reaching the foundation in the first place.
  • Drainboard: We use innovative drainboard systems to improve drainage, preventing water from infiltrating your foundation.
  • Underslab Waterproofing: This waterproofing technique places an additional layer of defense below your foundation’s service to keep moisture out.
  • Horizontal Waterproofing: Our horizontal waterproofing techniques prevent lateral water pressure from affecting your foundation.
  • Crack Injection: Our expert mechanics seal possible water entry points with specialized crack injection services.

Committed to Protecting Your Foundation 

Bartley Corp is your dedicated Maryland basement waterproofing company. We pride ourselves on providing the area’s best customer relations, products and services. Your home or business’s foundation is its backbone, and our waterproofing services enhance its strength and integrity for years to come.

Our Turnkey Concrete Foundation Packages

Bartley Corp’s turnkey concrete foundation packages appeal to custom builders and production teams searching for new construction basement waterproofing services. Our expertise allows you to focus on other aspects of your vision while we provide a comprehensive solution for a durable, waterproof foundation.

Bartley Corp remains Baltimore’s best choice for foundation installation, waterproofing and concrete foundation services. Contact us today for assistance building foundations that defend against the elements year after year.

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