When you need experts to provide dependable and professional concrete slab services, there’s no better choice in Baltimore than Bartley Corp. We bring more than 50 years of experience when it comes to commercial concrete slabs, and our portfolio shows the commitment to excellence that makes us unique. From expert building of slab foundations to specialized construction for commercial slabs, our knowledgeable and dedicated team of professionals are ready to meet your needs.

Experience matters when talking about building concrete slabs for any purpose. Choosing to work with an experienced contractor means you’ll get proper selection of materials and techniques. This ensures your project won’t be subjected to costly mistakes. Trained and qualified professionals have the skills to assess your site and adjust for soil conditions and load requirements to keep the slab stable.

We stick to all industry standards and local codes for full compliance and safety. Plus, we have the knowledge to deal with any unexpected challenges in the most expedient and effective manner. Our long track record of success means you can depend on us to provide durable and high-quality slabs to ensure your project’s long-term success.

Your Dedicated Partner

We take pride in being part of the One Bartley Family. This team is unified by our commitment to quality work and the ongoing success of our customers. We have numerous team members who have been with us for more than a decade, meaning you can depend on our experience and skill. We give you a dedicated project manager and estimator to serve as your point of contact to provide prompt responses to your inquiries.

Meticulous Planning and Execution

Building concrete slab foundations requires meticulous planning for the most seamless experience. We use advanced CAD software to envision your project, and we scrutinize the drawings to find any potential errors before we get started in the field. It’s this attention to detail that enables us to keep your project running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Versatility and Competitive Pricing

With a team of more than 180 employees, no project is too large for us to handle. We have extensive knowledge when it comes to building projects of all sizes and complexities. In addition, our competitive pricing means you’ll receive exceptional value for your project.

Efficiency and Quality

Everything we do is delivered with efficiency, thanks to labor-saving equipment such as stone placement technology and concrete form delivery trucks. We can expedite your project, reducing on-site time without losing quality.

Unparalleled Expertise

We specialize in the most challenging and demanding projects imaginable, including those that many of our competitors won’t touch. Our expertise in building concrete slabs includes work for well-known names such as Walmart, Target, CVS, Giant, Home Depot and Office Depot. This makes us the go-to choice for projects where precision and reliability are crucial.

Comprehensive Services

As the best choice in the area for commercial concrete construction, we provide comprehensive services. From demolition to excavation to drain tile installation and more, we can do it all for you. This holistic approach can save you a considerable amount of time, reduce conflicts and guarantee the best results.

Weather Considerations

Climate and weather play an important role in construction in Baltimore. July brings high temperatures of about 88 degrees Fahrenheit, while January sees low temperatures dropping to around 26 degrees Fahrenheit. We understand how this affects building slabs, and we take the appropriate measures to adjust to the conditions.

Working with us means you’ll be choosing a partner with unmatched expertise, a commitment to quality and a devotion to your project’s success. Get in touch with us today to talk about your project and experience the Bartley difference for yourself.

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