Your home’s foundation is one of its most important elements, so it’s important to have a concrete contractor you can trust. With more than 50 years of experience serving the Baltimore area, Bartley Corp is your best choice when you need concrete slab foundation services that give your property solid footing. Our expertise means we deliver residential concrete slabs that will stand the test of time and give you years of worry-free performance.

Simple but Versatile

Concrete pads can serve a variety of functions in and around your home. Not only do they make a great starting point for new house construction, but they also serve as foundations for garages and storage sheds as well as driveways and patios. Bartley Corp has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure you’ll experience all the benefits concrete house slab construction has to offer, including:

  • Durability — Maryland’s varied climate can take its toll on structures with frequently hot summers and cold winters. When building your house, concrete slabs make a good choice because they can resist wear and tear as well as prevent moisture and pests from infiltrating your home.
  • Cost effectiveness — Relatively inexpensive to install and maintain compared to other types of foundations, concrete slabs also save you money in the long term thanks to their thermal mass properties. They retain more warmth in the winter and stay cool in the summer, helping you reduce your HVAC usage.
  • Versatility — When used as a patio or driveway, concrete can be customized to create the look you want for your property. It can be colored, stamped or polished to virtually any type of finish you want to match your home’s style.
  • Eco-friendliness — Made from natural and recyclable materials, concrete is one of the most sustainable building materials. Building concrete basement slabs also helps prevent soil erosion and mitigates water runoff, both of which can impact local ecosystems.

Committed to Quality Construction

Bartley Corp serves all of Baltimore, including neighborhoods such as Canton, Fells Point, Mount Vernon, Harbor East and more. We’re your best local resource for concrete solutions because we offer:

  • Quality — Our team of experienced specialists has the know-how to ensure every slab is prepared, poured and finished to your exact specifications.
  • Safety — We take safety seriously, which means our crews work according to the strictest codes and regulations to prevent accidents and guarantee a secure foundation for your project.
  • Efficiency — No other concrete contractors near you are as dedicated to remaining on time and on budget as we are. We provide you with a hassle-free experience from beginning to end.

Trust Bartley Corp for Your Project

Trusting our professionals to handle your concrete slab construction means you’ll achieve the best overall results. Our decades of experience and dedication to quality work means you can count on us to deliver concrete foundations that provide the strength and stability you need. To learn more about everything we can do for you, reach out to speak with one of our representatives today.

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