Bartley Corp is the go-to property management company in Baltimore when it comes to concrete work. We serve homeowners and commercial properties, even providing property management services. We’ve built a reputation for providing the best concrete services, specializing in a wide range of solutions for your property management needs including commercial concrete cutting, industrial concrete cutting and more. 

Exterior Concrete 

As one of the best property management companies in Baltimore, our exterior concrete services cover all the bases. Our capabilities include but are not limited to retaining walls, concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pervious pavements, decks, concrete porches, pads and slabs, stoops, concrete steps or stairs, areaways, and demolishing existing structures. You can also call on our technicians to remove and haul away existing materials, including garden walls. 

Foundation Exits 

There’s no better contractor in your area when you need foundation exits. We can build concrete areaway walls, landings, stairs, drains and sump pumps. We’re also experts when it comes to safety egress windows, doors and wells. You can trust our local property management company to deliver quality products from trusted manufacturers that lead to the best solutions for your property. 

Foundation Repair 

Bartley Corp is your best choice for property management in Baltimore, MD, to resolve common foundation problems. We can provide foundation stabilization using helical piers or concrete underpinning; strengthen damaged basement walls with reinforced concrete or structural steel; renew settled or deteriorating floor slabs; and remove and rebuild failing retaining walls. 

Our knowledge and experience ensures that we will provide commercial concrete floor repair or industrial concrete floor repair. We’re your choice for underpinning, helical piers, helical anchors, push piers, slab support, basement wall repair, drain tile, drain board, underslab waterproofing, blindside waterproofing, horizontal waterproofing and crack injection. Whatever issue you’re having with your foundation, you can trust us to fix it. Our services include commercial concrete restoration as well as industrial concrete floor resurfacing.  

Waterproofing & Drain Tile  

Waterproofing is serious business, and we’re the best choice for handling it on your property. Our technicians bring extensive experience in multifaceted waterproofing systems and techniques that provide moisture protection, drainage enhancement, insulation value, and long-term warranty protection. These solutions are applied by factory-trained waterproofing experts and serve to enhance the overall quality of our foundation work.  

Local Climate Effects 

The humid, subtropical climate in Baltimore offers some specific challenges for commercial and industrial concrete property management. There’s no dry season, and during the hot summers concrete can undergo frequent expansion and contraction due to temperature and humidity shifts. This causes wear and cracking, requiring regular floor repair and resurfacing to fix the issues. 

The consistent rainfall and snowfall, along with the occasional harsh winter, also puts a lot of stress on concrete structures. Given the many climate-driven factors affecting the area, you need to have experienced concrete professionals to maintain the durability and safety of your commercial or industrial concrete structures and surfaces in Baltimore. 

Get Started With Bartley Corp Today 

Bartley Corp is proud to offer you top property management solutions for concrete foundations. Our services are sought-after by custom and production home builders alike. You can count on us to provide exterior concrete, foundation exits, foundation repair and waterproofing for your building. 

No matter what you need, you can be sure we will deliver the highest-quality services. Your property deserves the best, and that’s exactly what our specialists provide. If you want to learn more about what makes Bartley Corp one of the best Baltimore commercial property management companies, get in touch with us today to discuss your residential or commercial needs in Baltimore. 

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