Bartley Corp is the most trusted expert commercial concrete contractor in Baltimore when it comes to concrete footings and walls. When you choose to work with our professionals, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive concrete foundation package that’s highly valued by custom and production home builders. As the top commercial retaining wall contractors, our capabilities include commercial footings and walls, building footings, reinforced walls poured in place, retaining walls and footings, tall walls and even challenging walls made with aluminum or wood forms.

The Importance of Concrete Footings and Walls

Having quality concrete footings and walls ensures your building will be at its most stable. These are critical for providing support and stability, making sure that structures will be able to stand the test of time. These elements support the weight of the entire building, meaning they are essential for ensuring safety and longevity. With properly constructed concrete footings and commercial building walls, a structure also can be protected against shifting, settling and structure damage. They also secure the property against secondary issues such as moisture infiltration and damage caused by external elements. There’s no overstating how important commercial concrete footings and walls are in terms of ensuring a reliable, long-lasting building.

Your Trusted Construction Partner

When you come to Bartley Corp, you’re more than just a client — you become part of our extended family. Our specialists see each project as a collective accomplishment, a shared journey toward success for us as well as those we serve. This sense of unity is what drives us to go above and beyond to meet your every need and ensure your project always unfolds as seamlessly as possible.

In addition to our commitment to precision and efficiency, we also bring cutting-edge technology such as CAD drawings and total station layout tools. We don’t just provide a service but stand to support your vision and solve challenges before they come up in the field.

We’ve built up a strong reputation for excellence, which is why we’re the best contractor for projects that others may find too challenging. Even many of our competitors will come to us when they encounter a tough project. We take this as the ultimate sign of respect in the industry.

Working with us means you’re not just choosing a concrete retaining wall contractor near you — you’re partnering with a team that will be with you every step of the way. We handle everything from demolition and excavation to footings, industrial retaining walls, waterproofing, drain tile and concrete slabs. With our comprehensive approach, you can save time and minimize conflicts. This leads to superior results every time.

We’re proud to serve the entire Baltimore area, including local neighborhoods such as Barclay, Federal Hill, Locust Point, Roland Park, Waverly and more. Whether the work is big or small, our services can handle just about any type of commercial job. Our portfolio includes projects for major names such as Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, Wal-Mart, Target, Giant Food, Harris Teeter and CVS.

Choose Bartley Corp as your steadfast partner for excellent concrete footings and industrial concrete walls for commercial construction. No other company brings the commitment to excellence, long-standing experience or dedication to customer satisfaction that we do. We’re not just building concrete retaining walls — we’re building lasting relationships and bringing your vision to reality. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what our technicians can do for you.

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