Testimonial from Village of Martin’s Additions

Dear Doug,
I want to extend my congratulation to you on the perfectly executed demolition of 7318 Delfield Street today. Wow! Wexford homes knows how to do this right!
Not one complaint from the neighbors- in fact the demolition was an event for intrigued neighbors to gather ‘round the activities , and the perfect execution just  made it all the more interesting for the watchful crowd.
One interested observer likened the activities of the demolition equipment to a ballet (if you can imagine guiding that huge piece of equipment through ballet exercises! );  that suggests how impressed the onlookers were as they watched  the demolition of the house. There were  no noise complaints, no dust complaints, no damage complaints. That amounts to nothing but compliments in my book and kudos for Wexford Homes!
As if that wasn’t enough, I noticed as I checked-in on the site about mid-morning, that “someone” was sweeping up dirt debris in Delfield Street. As I walked past the hardworking man,  I thanked him for his clean-up effort. I was so impressed to hear that he was an employee of Bartley Construction, the demolition company, and that this is standard protocol—cleaning the street up behind the delivery of their equipment. Another wow.  I will encourage all future contractors in Martin’s Additions to adhere to the same protocol, or perhaps even better , to just use Bartley.
What a pleasure it is to have Wexford Homes, and all its subcontractors, working in Martin’s Additions and of course with you, Doug Stein, at the helm. Thanks. You certainly make my job easier.
Please don’t hesitate for a moment to contact me if I can be of any assistance that might add to the successful completion of your project.
Jean Sperling
Village of Martin’s Additions