“Bartley was the right company for the job and now I have no doubt”


I just wanted to send you a quick note before I wrapped up my day.

The patio is beautiful!

I can’t say enough good things about Jose’. It’s rare to come across someone that takes such pride in their work. He has a great attention to detail and was very attentive and courteous with me as well. I’m confident that this grade of concrete work was taken to the highest level of quality that could reasonably be achieved. I know because I’ve worked a fair amount of concrete in my time (mostly in my younger years) and have observed a considerable amount of other work as well.

I’m glad I chose Bartley and will recommend your company without hesitation. If you have potential customers that would like to see a great patio before they build their own, you are welcomed to show them mine.

I’m sure Bartley has become successful over the years due to its focus on providing a high quality product. I commend you for that and wish you continued success. I want to also thank you for taking the time to meet and talk with me personally regarding my patio design. It made me confident that Bartley was the right company for the job and now I have no doubt.

Thanks again.
Manny Leiva