Bartley Corp Job Chemical Information List 9/13/2021
Business Address
16613 New Hampshire Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20905
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1299 Ashton, MD 20861
Contact Person: Chris Bartley 301-384-2700
Common Name (click on name for SDS Sheet) Description Work Areas Location(S)
Ace Clear Seal paint 2400 Heated Sea
Ace – Safety Color Rust Stop Oil Base Enamel 2400/Weld
Acetone solvent Mechanic Closet
Acetylene, dissolved acetylene Welding Shop
Air Brake Antifreeze coolant Mechanic closet
Air Tool Oil lubricant Shop
Anti-Freeze coolant Mechanic closet
Argon, compressed argon Welding Shop
Argos Brick Lok cement 1270 Sea
Aviation Form-A Gasket sealant Yard
Bar and Chain Oil lubricant Shop
Battery Cleaner cleaner Yard
Battery Terminal Protector protector Yard
Behr Interior Eggshell enamel paint Welding Shop
Benjamin Moore Paint for Floor and Patio paint 2400 Heated Sea
Benjamin Moore UltraBase WO96 paint Welding Shop
Bituthene Mastic asphalt based mastic 2400 Heated Sea
Black Beauty Slag for sand blasting 1100 Sea
Black Streak Remover cleaner Trailer Container
Brakleen CRC 05089 cleaner WP Bldg
BriteTouch general purpose paint Welding Shop
Brake Fluid lubricant Mechanic Closet
Calcium Chloride salt WP Bldg
Carobn Dioxide gas Yard
Carburator and Choke Cleaner cleaner Shop
CetSeal adhesive 2300 Sea
Chassavir rust-preventative paint Welding Shop
Chem-Crete waterbased waterproofing product WP Bldg
Cherry Blast Hand Cleaner cleaner Yard
Cementall repair material 1270 Sea
Chemmaster SafeCure Clear curing compound 2400 Heated Sea
ChemStop WB Heavy Duty siloxane/silane water repellent WP Bldg
Compressed Gas NOS gas Welding Shop
ConspecWB Resin Cure resin cure 2400 Heated Sea
Copper Anti-Seize lubricant Yard
CRC Compressor Oil lubricant Yard
CRC Fuel Additive fuel additive Yard
CRC Power Steering Fluid lubricant Yard
CRC Wasp/Hornet Killer bee spray Welding Shop
Day1 colloidal silica Yard
Dayton Superior Form Release form release 2400 Heated Sea
Delta Sealant  elastic sealing compound WP Bldg
Dextron III lubricant Fuel Shed
Dicor Elastomeric RV Roof Coating roof coating 2400 Heated Sea
Dielectric Tune-up Grease lubricant Yard
Diesel Fuel Fuel Fuel Shed
Dural Fast Set Epoxy rapid-setting epoxy adhesive WP Bldg
DuraLube BD1073 white grease Welding Shop
Duron DuraClad enamel Welding Shop
Eagle nozzle dip Welding Shop
Easy Sand 20 joint compound 1270 Sea
Ecoline-R Liquid Applied Membrane WP Bldg
Ecoshield-E Waterproofing membrane WP Bldg
Engine Degreaser degreaser Yard
Enviroseal 40 sealant Yard
Epro e.spray Polymer Modified Asphalt Emulsion WP Bldg
Epro Ecobase Polymer Modified Asphalt WP Bldg
Epro Ecoline-T waterproofing mastic 2400 Heated Sea
Euclid NS Grout grout Yard
Euco Clean & Strip heavy duty concrete floor cleaner & stripper WP Bldg/2400 Heated
Euco Dam-it crack repair 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Diamond Hard penetrating concrete sealer 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Kurez DR Vox 157D 55 curing compound 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Speed Plug hydraulic cement 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Super Diamond clear curing and sealing compount 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Tammspatch II Gray repair mortar 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Verticoat repair mortar 2400 Heated Sea
Euco Weld repair Shop
Eucolastic 1NS Polyuurethane Hybrid Sealant 2300 Sea
Eucolastic I Gun Grade Joint Sealent 2300 Sea
Eucosil Hardening Sealing dustproofing compound 2400 Heated Sea
Fifth Wheel Grease grease Welding Shop
Fluorescent Markers marker Yard
Fritz-Pac Delayed Set additive Pump Sea
Fritz-Pac NCA additive Pump Sea
Fritz-Pac Slick-Pak II additive Pump Sea
Foamular insulation styrofoam Yard
FormKote OTC form oil Yard Form Oil Tank
Fuel Treat additive Mechanic Closet
Gasoline fuel Fuel Shed
Gloss White BD1205 paint Welding Shop
Grace Top Cast 150 coating Yard
Gumout Jet Spray carburetor cleaner Yard
Gun Wash Safety Kleen paint gun cleaner Cleaning Room
Fuchs Renolit Poliplex 2 lubricant 2400 Heated Sea
Hilti .27 Cal cartridges fasteners WP Bldg
Hilti HY-150 Max fasteners Tool trailer
Hilti Hit-RE 500 fasteners Tool trailer
Hilti Safety Booster fasteners Tool trailer
Increte Systems UniStrip sealer stripper 2400 Heated Sea
Industrial Choice DTM Acrylic primer 2400 Heated Sea
Kaufman Concrete surface retarder 2400 Heated Sea
Kaufman Wall Patch wall patch 1200 Sea Container
Krylon Acrylic clear gloss Welding Shop
Krylon Metallic special purpose paint Welding Shop
Kurez DR Vox dissipating curing compound 2400 Heated Sea
Lestoil lubricant WP Building
Lithochrome Colorwax curing compound 2400 Heated Sea
Liquid Nails adhesive Tool Trailer
LM Industrical Seal Hard surface sealer 2400 Heated Sea
Loctite 243 adhesive Mechanic closet
Loctite Med Strength Thread locker adhesive Mechanic closet
Loctite High Strength 262 adhesive Mechanic closet
Low VOC Heavy Load red grease red grease Welding Shop
Marking Chalk (all colors) chalk Yard
Masterseal NP1 High Performance Polyurethane Sealant 2300 Sea
McCormick Advantage Professional Coating paint 2400 Heated Sea
Metal RV roof coating 2400 Heated Sea
MH Ready Patch spackling compound 2300 Sea
MiniWax seal protectant Welding Shop
Mobil Delvac 1300 oil Shop
Motor Oil oil Shop
Motorcraft Friction Modifier additive Mechanic Closet
Muratic Acid acid Tool Trailer
Nason Ful-Base Low Voc Reducer 441-60 (Arbor) reducer 2400 Heated Sea
Nason FulBase Basecoat 483-56 base coat 2400 Heated Sea
Nason FulThane 2.8 Low Voc topcoat 2400 Heated Sea
Nickel Anti-Seize lubricant Shop
Nitrogen Gas gas Yard
Non Shrink Grout Grouting 1100/1270 Sea
Nox-Crete Form release agent 2300 Sea
Oatey – For PVC purple primer Welding Shop
Oatey – HD Clear PVC pvc cement Welding Shop
Oil, petroleums lubricant Yard
Oygen, compressed oxygen Welding Shop
Paintable Rubber Undercoating undercoating Welding Shop
Patchwell Kit, liquid polymer mortar 2300 Sea
Pennzoil Wheel Bearing grease lubricant Mechanic Closet
Permatex undercoating Welding Shop
PIG Form-A-Funnel draining tool Yard
Pieri TopCast 125 Surface Retarder 2400 Heated Sea
Plastic Roof Cement 15 roof cement 2300 Sea
Power Grip adhesive Mechanic Closet
Power Steering Fluid lubricant Shop
Propane fuel cylinder fuel Welding shop
Propane Gas fuel Welding Shop
Quik-ease cutting drilling oil Welding shop
Rebar Epoxy coating Yard
Red Grease BD1179 lubrianct Yard
Rust Proof Any Way paint Welding Shop
Reducer 990 reducer Welding Shop
RTV Silicone sealant Welding Shop
Rustoleum Protective White K7792 Enamel Gloss 2400 Heated/Weld
Rustoleum Painter Touch 2x Ultra cover paint Welding Shop
Rustoleum 242255 Rust Metal Primer 2400 Heated Sea
Rustoleum 342259 White Clean Metal Primer 2400 Heated Sea
Rustoleum Tough Rust Prevent Finish paint finisher Welding Shop
Safety-Kleen all purpose lubricant Welding Shop
Safety Silicone Lubricant lubricant Welding Shop
Sakrete concrete Yard
Seaboard-ClipperShip Asphalt Fiber Roof Cement 2300 Sea
Seasonox aluminium seasoning compound 2400 Heated Sea
Seymour Inverter tip paint marker Welding Shop
Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint 2300 Sea
Sherwin Williams Tile-Clad II Hardener Welding Shop
Sika Armatec 110 bonding agent 2400 Heated Sea
Sika Top Plus repair mortar 2300/1200 Sea
Sikadur epoxy adhesive WP Bldg
Sikaflex Sealant Systems sealant 2400 Heated Sea
SikaSwell S-2 polyurethane sealant WP Bldg
Silicone Magic Water Sealer sealant 2400 Heated Sea
Simpson AT anchoring adhesive system WP Bldg
Simpson Epoxy Anchoring Adhesive 1100 Sea
Simpson GFC34 Fuel Cell Strong Tie fuel cell WP Bldg
Simpson Strong-Tie AT-XP anchoring system 2300 Sea
Scrubs in a Bucket cleaner Yard
Soapstone marker Welding Shop
Spatter-Cote 100 coating Pump
Sonoplastic NP1 caulking sealant 2300 Sea
SoudaFoam Foam sealant WP Bldg
Soudal SoudaFoam expanding foam 2300 Sea
SoudaSeal AP waterproofing compound 2300 Sea
SpecChem Form Seasoning WB seasoner 2400 Heated Sea
Starting fluid aerosol Shop
Streak Master cleaner Yard
StegoMastic Liquid Vapor Retardant WP Bldg
Summit Racing Acrylic Urethan Topcoat topcoat 2400 Heated Sea
Summit Racing Urethan Activator Sum-Up101 activator 2400 Heated Sea
Super 77 3M multipurpose adhesive Welding Shop
Sureguard Alkyd Urethane Hardener hardener 2400 Heated Sea
Tamko TWP-2 primer WP Bldg
TAMMSWELD rewettable liquid bonding agent WP Bldg/2400 Heated
Thrace-LINQ® GTF-400EO paving fabric WP Bldg
Top n’ Bond patcher Yard
TrakFast ER-5001 Cartridges for power device WP Bldg
Tremco 4607121V805 Vulkem 360NF sealant 2400 Heated Sea
Tremco Dynamic flexible sealant 2300 Sea
Tru-Blue Cutting Fluid cleaner Yard
UG1 Fast Plug Hydraulic Cement hydraulic cement 2300 Sea
Valspar Duraspar 140 Gray Air DRX Primer primer 2400 Heated Sea
Valspar Fleet A/D Enamel (white, black, green, lapis blue,yellow paint) 2400 Heated Sea
Valspar Truck Bed Liner coating Welding Shop
Vandex Plug rapid-setting hydraulic cement compound WP Bldg
Volclay WB Adhesive Cetco adhesive 2400 Heated Sea
Waterstop-RX101 sealant Yard
WD-40 Lubricant Entire yard
Weld-Crete bonding agent Yard
Welding Filler Rods welding material Weld Shop
Welding Wire welding material Weld Shop
White Lithium Grease lubricant Yard
Windshield Washer Fluid cleaner Mechanic Closet
WR Meadows Sealtight CS309-25-OTC sealing compound 2400 Heated Sea
Xylene solvent Shop
Zinsser Primer Sealer primer/sealer 2400 Heated Sea
ZRC Galvilite galvanizing compoung Welding Shop
Zynolite multi-purpose primer Welding Shop


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