Concrete Walls Poured

Measure thrice, pour once. Bartley successfully poured a 152.5 cubic yard wall in the heat of the summer (88 degrees). Inside the wall contained rebar, PVC blockouts, electrical boxes, Thermomass, ThermaEZE, wall spacers, wall ties, insulation blockouts and pressure treated window and door blockouts. All this material and labor added up to a price tag of $74,797 for the foundation wall portion of the contract.

The pictures show the wall pour assisted by a concrete pump and 16 ready-mixed concrete trucks. The next day, the wall crew was able to strip (remove) the panels off the foundation walls to get ready for the waterproofing.

Concrete is not a very forgiving material so all the work that went into getting the walls set correctly was worth the effort! Attention to Detail and Production meet value is our motto and it holds true especially in this case.

2013-07-15 Pour Foundation Walls

2013-07-15 Concrete Pour

2013-07-15 Pour Foundation Column

2013-07-16 Strip Foundation Walls

2013-07-16 Strip Walls & Remove Panels

2013-07-17 Concret Wall Reveal