Putting our best Footing forward

Placing the concrete footings is the critical first step in achieving the building footprint. We matched all of the footing sizes (width & depth) and rebar spacing as defined in the building plans. By having the same company (Bartley Corp) do the excavation and concrete work, our customers have fewer conflicts, fewer extras, less trades, and no need to babysit the job.  With all of the forming ready, our footing crew called in the concrete ready mixed supplier and our concrete pumping company to assist us in placing the concrete. The footing pour consisted of  75 cubic yards of concrete over a 6 hour period and all went according to plan.

With the footings squared away, our concrete form panel delivery truck was able to unload the panels directly into the excavated hole using a crane. The crane allows the form baskets to be placed very close to where they are needed. This saves an incredible amount of time and physical labor compared to other companies who typically have a flatbed of panels unloaded in one location near the edge of the hole. In the final picture, the inside of the wall being set and braced. Why is this done? Stay tuned.

2013-06-11 Drying out Footings

2013-06-12 Pouring Footings

2013-06-13 Completed Footings

2013-06-13 Delivering Panel Baskets

2013-06-14 Placing Panel Baskets in Foundation

2013-06-14 Forming Inside Wall