Excavation complete, Footings are prepped

With a little rock hammering and a lot of equipment time, the site was ready for concrete footings.  Our total station layout person, confirmed the proper excavation and set the points for footing locations. This allowed our footing crew to hit the ground running by forming the footings with confidence. Typically, our footing crew is joined by a mini-hoe to excavate half the depth of the footing, but in this case the entire footings will rest on the the excavated grade. More forming material is needed when half of the footings are not earth formed.  The final picture shows a rain day, otherwise, the picture would show the placement of the concrete for the footings. Next post you will see concrete!!

2013-05-30 Excavation

2013-05-31 Excavation

2013-06-04 Footing Layout

2013-06-06 Footing Garage Prep

2013-06-07 Rain Day

One thought on “Excavation complete, Footings are prepped

  1. Santi

    Fred J. NowickiJune 12, 2012Great job on footings and walls. Loved to see that pupmer truck used,allows one to place concrete in easier fashion. The primary benefit in my book is the concrete can be placed in the proper slump,so the p.s.i. spected is what one really gets. Great job,not one,but TWO thumbs up .

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