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Ten Reasons to choose the Bartley Corporation

  1. Our People

    • We are all part of the One Bartley Family. We put our heart into our work and pride ourselves on our mutual accomplishments with our customers.
  2. Experience

    • Over 50 years of experience satisfying customers and building teams. Ask our employees how long they have worked at Bartley, most have worked well over 10 years.
  3. Responsive Communication

    • Your contact is an estimator and project manager Team. By having a central office, you can easily get a hold of a real person that can respond quickly with answers.
  4. Attention to Detail

    • We review the plans and create a CAD drawing that identifies layout errors before they happen in the field. The CAD drawing is digitally converted to a Total Station Layout file for an accurate layout.
  5. Flexible to meet your needs

    • With over 180 employees, every job size is our cup of tea. We can handle all of your work.
  6. Priceless Value

    • Our pricing is very competitive compared to companies that do not even offer all of the benefits Bartley brings to the table.
  7. Efficient

    • We use labor saving equipment such as stone placement equipment, total station layout and concrete form delivery trucks to speed up the projects. This minimizes our time on the project.
  8. Superior Materials and Workmanship

    • Our concrete wall mix contains a water reducer that improves the performance of the wall and has a higher strength than our competition. We team up with the best material suppliers in the business.
  9. Difficult work

    • Our competition brings us a lot of work because the jobs are too complicated for them.
  10. Handle All Phases

    • We are your foundation contractor for the demo, excavation, footings, walls, waterproofing & drain tile, and concrete slabs. This saves our customers time, conflicts and improves the finished work.


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