Seasons Change but Concrete Remains

It has been months since Bartley Corp has worked on the Clifton concrete house so we wanted to share an update. In the Summer, Bartley successfully prepped and poured the basement level slab (first picture: concrete slab is not visible from the Work Zone Cam angle). This marked the final stage of Bartley’s “typical” concrete foundation package. To recap the concrete foundation package, here were the steps: Excavation, Footings, Walls, Waterproofing, and Slabs. After the slabs, Bartley turned back the job to the builders.

Complicated jobs can take more time and effort by the whole construction team and this project is no exception. In the Fall, the builder and framers have been backfilling and installing the first floor deck. In the bleak midwinter, mother nature brought some snow and kept construction workers off the job (see last picture). Soon enough, Bartley will be back at the site to work on the first floor walls, which is the true difference between a regular stick built home and a concrete home!

2013-09-04 1030 Basement Slab

2013-10-03 1200

2013-11-06 0730

2013-12-04 1100

2013-12-11 0800