Kickoff meeting for Concrete Home in Clifton VA


On Monday Feb 18th, trades who will be working on the Clifton Concrete Home met face to face for the first time. Construction projects require excellent coordination between the builder and the trades. The construction of a concrete home is a shining example of how important a team needs to work together. This initial meeting involved the architect, builder, future homeowners, Concrete Contractor (Bartley Corporation), soil engineer, electrician, plumber, and HVAC contractor. Coordination questions and topics were discussed among the team and after another round of changes to the plans, the project should be poised to start.

The site has been cleared of the trees that needed to be removed and the trees shown in the pictures are left to remain on site through construction. The surveyor completed their stakeout of ten different hubs back in August 2012. Once the plans are finalized and approved, the next step would be to start the excavation. Also included is a side view of the home that gives you an idea of the modern design of this home.