Concrete Driveways add value to your Home and last longer

Here is a concrete driveway that we installed recently. Below is a list of facts about concrete:

•Concrete is the better long-term value because concrete performs well for 20 to 30 years — about three times longer than an asphalt one.

•Because it is produced locally, concrete decreases transportation costs and pollution. Most of the liquid asphalt used in Maryland is trucked in from other states.

•Concrete is more rigid than asphalt, making concrete roads up to 4 percent more fuel efficient for cars and up to 7 percent for large trucks.

•Concrete reflects light, making the pavement brighter while reducing the energy needed to light it by up to 30 percent. Likewise, concrete reflects heat, reducing the “heat island” effect and ambient temperatures by up to 7 to 10 degrees

Check out the myths about concrete here: