Benefit from our Estimator & Project Manager teams

Benefit from our Estimator & Project Manager teams
Getting on the same page is easier

Bartley customers may have seen a small change in how we support their projects. An estimator / project manager team now works with our customers from the Invitation to Bid through the duration of the project.


No big deal? Here are some of the solid benefits of our Bartley Estimator / PM teams:

  • Better communication between Bartley and our customers
  • Improved project planning and schedule advances

  • Customers see the same faces from project to project

  • Get backup support when one team member is out

  • Gain economies of scale

  • Improved turnaround time on estimates

  • Ability to adjust on the fly when changes arise

  • CADD review that digitally exports to Total Station Layout

Check out this statistic => The average employment time at Bartley for the Residential Estimators & Project Managers is 17 years!!

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