Bartley Corporation Wins National and Local Award for Kent Island Concrete Home

Perhaps it was the elliptical suspended concrete steps, or maybe it was the radius arched openings, or was it the mere fact that Bartley Corporation constructed a 24,000 square foot Concrete House? All the features helped contribute to an award winning house.

In a national competition held by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), the Kent Island Concrete Home won the award for Above Grade Concrete Home. See Website: 2009 Project of the Year – Above-grade Concrete Home. The competition showcases the complexity that is possible with poured wall concrete construction. Bartley Corporation was recognized in the May issue of the Concrete Facts magazine and will be presented with a plaque at the CFA Summer Convention.

Locally, Bartley Corporation submitted the Kent Island Concrete Home into the Excellence in Concrete Award run by the Maryland Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (ACI). This competition recognizes outstanding concrete projects from Commercial Buildings to Environmental Structures that were constructed in the state of Maryland. Bartley Corporation won the award for Architectural/Decorative concrete project on May 28th 2009.

Did you think concrete houses were not a reality? The next time, you are heading East on the Bay Bridge, safely glance to your left and you will see the Kent Island Concrete Home and its award winning beauty. Or rather than endangering yourself and other drivers, just visit the Concrete Housing section of and view pictures of the project.

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  1. Christopher santoro

    I have been around concrete since I mixed the first bag of cement for my father at 8 years old I’m 4th generation concrete man have 31 years experience and at 46 years old this house you guys built is one of the best concrete structures I’ve seen Great Job Gentlemen

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