Founded in 1970, The Bartley Corporation pioneered concrete foundation construction to the Mid-Atlantic region. Today we represent the benchmark of quality. Our commitment to service and innovation has made us an industry leader. Our complete concrete foundation package is often imitated but never duplicated.

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Concrete BLOG

Super Speed Concrete Home Construction Video

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Check out a video of the Foundation level of the Clifton Concrete Home! This entertaining 51 second time lapsed video shows the unexcavated site through the basement slab pour.   Bartley Corp is... READ MORE

Seasons Change but Concrete Remains

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It has been months since Bartley Corp has worked on the Clifton concrete house so we wanted to share an update. In the Summer, Bartley successfully prepped and poured the basement level slab... READ MORE

Backfill Matters

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Backfilling a foundation is an important step in building a home, but it can come with pitfalls. Once the concrete walls have cured, the foundation is waterproofed, draintile (and preferably drainboard) is installed, a qualified... READ MORE