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Review of a Bartley Corp Home Services project in Rockville, MD


Price B
Quality A
Responsiveness A
Punctuality A
Professionalism A
**** Cherry Valley Dr

Concrete – Pouring & Repair
Foundation Repair

Work Done:

Work Completed Date:
May 02, 2011

Hire Again:

Approximate Cost:

Home Build Year:

Report Date:  
May 07, 2011

Description Of Work:
Repair portion of Garage floor which had settled causing a possible tripping hazard . Section was cut out and removed and new cement flooring was installed. Repaired section of the foundation on one side of the front of the garage to stop settling. Dug down about 2 feet and added cement to support the brick facing.

Member Comments:
Very well, Arrived promptly early in the morning, and the job was complete by about 2PM. A front loader was use the bring th cement to work spots so there was no damage to the driveway. Workmen were neat. they covered thing so they would not collect cement dust during removal of old floor. Thing were put back after they finished and every thing was cleaned up. .Most of the time there were to Supervisors on site. All were polite and professional

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